About Us

Sanondaf Hampshire South

Sanondaf Hampshire South is one of 25 regional teams within Sanondaf UK.

Operating across Hampshire, Berkshire, Dorset, West Sussex, East Sussex and London, we are a team of specialists providing targeted services to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases caused by harmful viruses, bacteria, moulds, yeast and fungi.

Our trained Sanondaf technicians are skilled in pathogen and biocidal comprehension, treatment application and chemical safety. As a best practice specialist, we are resolutely committed to ensuring maximum efficacy results and the safety of people, animals and the environment, during and after the treatment process.

Our mission, which we feel hugely passionate about, is to help our community, businesses and organisations along the South Coast, enjoy healthier lives.

Sanondaf Hampshire South is led by Abby Elliott.  Abby began her working career in the events industry, with excellent client service, careful planning and attention to detail being attributes she was well known for. 

Following an intensive period of training and study, Abby is now pleased to lend her skills and commitment to Sanondaf’s specialist decontamination and disinfection work. 

Based in Fareham, Abby and her team are pleased to provide support on a 24 / 7 basis, 365 days a year. The team often working late into the evening and over weekends to ensure our client’s normal activity is not hindered by our services. For emergency calls, we aim to be onsite within 4 hours.

Whether you have a specific enquiry, or you would like to ask our advice regarding current infection prevention and control measures in place at your organisation, we would love to hear from you. Please do get in contact.