HSE and WHO guidance on fogging chemical usage

Health & Safety Executive guidance “Disinfecting using fog, mist and other systems during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic” (first published 2nd  November 2020) states…

“Even where products are not specifically labelled as hazardous, dispersing them in mist, fog or vapour increases the risk that they can enter the lung.”

In the updated guidance, published on 22nd January 2021,  the Health and Safety Executive has given more specific direction, outlining which chemical is appropriate to disperse as a mist or vapour:

“Hydrogen peroxide may be used as a cold mist or as a thermally generated vapour.”

To provide clarity on this matter, the World Health Organisation gives clear guidance, first published in May 2020, regarding specific disinfectant chemical solutions:

“Spraying or fogging of certain chemicals, such as formaldehyde, chlorine-based agents or quaternary ammonium compunds, is not recommended due to adverse health effects on workers in facilities where these methods have been utilised.”

To view the Health and Safety Executive’s guidance in full visit: www.hse.gov.uk/coronavirus/disinfecting-premises-during-coronavirus-outbreak.htm

To view the World Health Organization’s guidance in full visit: www.who.int/publications/i/item/cleaning-and-disinfection-of-environmental-surfaces-inthe-context-of-covid-19

Published 26 January 2021
Written by Abby Elliott, Director, Sanondaf Hampshire South
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