Hospital and Medical Facilities

Sanondaf are specialists in the healthcare sector and have been supporting the NHS with disinfection and decontamination services since 2015.

Hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) disinfection treatment, delivered by a fogging device or electrostatic spray, is a well-documented and highly efficient, effective method of eradicating viral and bacterial pathogens, such as Coronavirus, Norovirus, MRSA, C-Diff, Streptococcal, and other harmful microorganisms.

Sanondaf teams across the UK are currently used within the NHS by a number of Trusts including Leeds, Southport and Ormskirk, BMI, Brighton and West Sussex, Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Lothians, Forth Valley, Fife, Dumfries, Galloway and Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Our full environment HPV treatments are safely, and effectively applied to the atmosphere and all surfaces, including electrical equipment, stainless steel and soft furnishings. For hospitals and medical centres, our touchless treatments are suitable for use in all public, staff and patient areas, including specialist care wards like neonatal or prenatal care and ITCU.

We also provide services in ASDU and sterile services via our electrostatic spray process which delivers HPV onto all surfaces in a positive pressure environment.

Post treatment, the HPV breaks down into water and oxygen, ensuring no chemical residue remains.

Our process can be used by IPC teams for contaminated rooms or areas, and on medical devices and equipment, with as little as 30 minutes turnaround time.

With a typical response time to site of 4-6 hours from call-out, our service is ideal for emergencies or when an unexpected decontamination is required due to equipment failure or servicing. Taking a more preventative approach, our services can be booked for a weekly, monthly or quarterly treatment.

To discuss your healthcare setting’s environmental, or equipment disinfection needs with us, please either call us or fill out the contact form below and we’ll get back to you.

To learn more about our expertise in touchless disinfection and decontamination, please view our Total Environment Dry Fogging Disinfection and Targeted Electrostatic Technology Disinfection services pages.